New York Bagel

new york bagel

Phone: 06 20 574 1804

Address: Váci út 45, entrance is at Klapka utca!
From outside you can already see our baker busily rolling those heavenly circles of dough - because we bake everything right here, on premises, at our own shop.

Once it is taken out, steaming fresh from the oven, the bagel of your choice is prepared how you want it, the way you want it by our friendly staff. Our fillings feature a selection of cream cheese spreads, ham, cheese, Norwegian salmon and a choice of fresh vegetables. Got a sweet tooth? Try our cinnamon raisin bagel with jam. Or add some peanut butter for a new twist on the old PBJ. Yumm! Are you still trying to resist? Come on by and have a bagel at New York Bagel, our family-owned sandwich bar that brings a slice of the East Coast to downtown Budapest! We combine the traditional freshness of a European bakery with New World tastes and flavors.

We had been invited to FEM3 CAFÉ morning show by Lázár Chef:

From the Menu:
• plain
• sesame
• poppy seed
• cinnamon raisin
• onion
• whole wheat
• everything

• plain cream cheese
• veggie cream cheese
• salmon cream cheese
• Hawaiian cream cheese (pineapple and ham)
• lactose free cream cheese
• tuna salad

• salmon
• ham
• Edam or Cheddar cheese
• lettuce, tomato, onion
• butter
• jam
• peanutbutter (and jelly)

STAR sandwiches:
• Tuna melt (tuna salad and cheese grilled to a golden brown)
• The Manhattan (ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, / honey mustard)
• Bagels and Lox (plain cream cheese, salmon, capers, onion)
• The Veggie Bagel (veggie cream cheese, lettuce , tomato)
• The Pizza Bagel (pizza sauce, bacon, ham, cheese) grilled

Our bagels and sandwiches are toasted or grilled upon request.
Our breakfast COMBOs or sandwich COMBOs are also available!

• brownies
• chocolate chip cookies
• muffins
• croissants

Freshly roasted coffee (15% Robusta, 85% Arabica)

Bagel chips, chocolate bars, chewing gum, Coca Cola beverages

We are looking forward to seeing you at New York Bagel!

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